Gottfredson in Gemstone

le Richard lerichard at
Wed Mar 2 13:10:10 CET 2005

Selon Lars Jensen <lpj at>:
> Ole Reichstein Nielsen wrote:
> > Gemstone could use the take-along format well for an affordable
> > Gottfredson library. [...] it would be possible to fit two or even
> > three dailies to each double-page spread (either chopped in halves or
> > wide across.)
> > This would allow a full years worth of strips in reasonably large size
> > in only 104 or 156 pages.
> Your math is somewhat flawed. 1 double-page spread = 2 pages, so if 3
> dailies can fit into 1 double-page spread, that means one year's worth
> of Mickey dailies will take up 208 pages.
> And I wouldn't want to see the strips chopped in halves or printed
> across the spread. (Although the former solution is better than the
> latter.)

Then, what about printing the dailies rotated 90 degrees, to be read from bottom
to top.
Gemstone could print two of them per page which means a full year of strips
would be only 156 pages.
That means we could get the entire Gottfredson librairy in English in a few


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