Who's Quacky McSlant ??? (and obaut TNT CAMEOS)

KUR ggk at wp.pl
Sun Mar 6 00:26:11 CET 2005


I  read the "Goosebusters" and as far It's the best one of the TNT seris.
Very funny and I like the Ending.

I notice Vacation Van Honk Cameo (Yep, I still remember this guy from 
After Dicki Duck, Herbert, Lunchpad, OK Quack, Timon and Pumba I wonder who 
will have a cameo next...

Anny way I hop to the COA 
(http://coa.inducks.org/coa/c1/story.php/0/D+2003-170//) to check for some 

And it mention "Quacky McSlant" Charecter having a Cemeo as well.  I 
understend his the guy siting next to Van Honk.
Can sombody tell me who is he?

Thank's for anny Info on this Charecter.

Maciek Kur 

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