DCML Digest, Vol 25, Issue 2

David Gerstein ramapith at verizon.net
Mon Mar 7 06:34:58 CET 2005


> I would hope that the support expressed by the 'Gottfredson in 
> Gemstone' messages would be taken note by Gemstone staff contributors 
> to DCML including Gary Leach, David Gerstein, and Travis Seitler.

	Do know, Marvin, that I'm as much a Gottfredson fan as I've ever been, 
and have long wanted to see his work in our books very much. Alas, all 
I'm able to say for right now is that "we're working on it..."


> I  read the "Goosebusters" and as far It's the best one of the TNT 
> seris.
> Very funny and I like the Ending.

	I'm passing along a hearty thanks from both myself and Lars Jensen on 
this. (Lars is presently so hard at work on some other stories that he 
didn't have a chance to respond directly.)

> After Dickie Duck, Herbert, Launchpad, OK Quack, Timon and Pumbaa I 
> wonder who will have a cameo next...

	Heh, heh, just wait and see!

> And it mention "Quacky McSlant" Charecter having a Cemeo as well.  I 
> understend his the guy siting next to Van Honk. Can sombody tell me 
> who is he?

	Quacky McSlant is a character created for DuckTales who was intended 
to be a regular character, but never actually ended up playing any 
significant role. He was to have always walked around  leaning to one 
side, hence his name.
	I think he only ever actually appeared once or twice. Joe Torcivia and 
Christopher Barat would know better than I.

	Best, David

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