Frank Stajano fms27 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Mar 14 20:26:03 CET 2005

H.W.Fluks at telecom.tno.nl wrote:
> Don wrote on December 22, 2004:
>>It would be nice if I could write up a list of FAQs so that I 
>>could save
>>time in answering them again, but I already don't have enough 
>>time to save time.
>>Maybe somebody will do it for me...?
>>Actually, many years ago (gad, nearly 10?) somebody or 
>>several bodies wrote
>>up a list of my responses to numerous questions and it was 
>>part of the DCML
>>website, but it hasn't been updated since then (and may have even
>>evaporated, I'm not sure). But those nice people probably no 
>>longer have the
>>time to help me save the time I don't have time to save.
> Indeed! I was the one who made that list of responses. I started in 1994, and I think I stopped updating it in 1996 or 1997. At that time, you wrote *so* many interesting mails to DCML, that it was hard to keep up! 8-)
> And after that, I figured there were pleny of other Rosa websites that would carry the same information...

Of course it would be so nice to be able to suggest to those people to 
go and read our (Becattini/Gori/Stajano) Rosa book---to which Harry also 
contributed for the index. Pity an English-language edition never came 
out, and the original Italian one is no longer available... That book 
was a labour of love which I'm sure many Rosa fans around the world 
would still enjoy to this day if they had a chance to read it.


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