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Wed Mar 16 06:00:33 CET 2005

Hi all!

I just got through reading "The River of Time" from MMA2 and if more Mickey 
stories were like this one, I think his popularity would be closer to Donald's. 
>From my Disney comics reading experience, it's pretty unique. The art style 
really reminds me of something, but I can't think what. I can't say it's a 
style I would want to see all the time, but it has an aura around it. Mickey seems 
so... rundown? Sort of haggard looking? In a way, I suppose that fits with 
the story as he's reliving his past from an unspecified point in the future. I 
really like how the story ties in with Steamboat Willie. I wonder if there are 
any other Mickey stories that make such use of his past.

Question about the story, so don't read if you haven't read it: Starting on 
page 23, Panel 3 of the story, Pete says there's only one way to settle who's 
in charge of the ship. So he rips off a button on Mickey's pants, throws it in 
the air saying that if the button has 4 holes in it, he's the captain. The 
button comes down and it does have four holes. My question is, what is the point? 
As far as I know, almost all buttons have four holes in them for the thread 
to go through, so his bet seems kind of stupid. Or is that the point of it? He 
can't lose the bet and for some reason, Mickey accepts his premise of the bet 
and allows Pete to be the captain? When I read that part, I felt like perhaps 
I was losing something in the translation.

Speaking of translation, I noticed that Dwight Decker translated the story. 
Did he do the translation for Gemstone or was this something he did years ago? 
(If not for Gemstone, I assume for Egmont, going from Italian to English).

Also a question about dialogue credits in Gemstone comics. When someone is 
created with the dialogue for the story, does they mean they adapted the 
dialogue from a foreign language and/or made changes to make it more familiar to an 
American audience? Or does it simply mean that the person wrote the dialogue 
for the story based on the synposis/summary written by another person? (i.e. at 
Egmont the person who creates a story isn't always the same person who writes 
the dialogue you read in the final comic).

Anyway, this email is already getting too long, I just wanted to say that I'm 
glad more Italian stories are showing up in Gemstone books (Scarpa, etc.) and 
I hope it continues (especially if we also eventually get stories from the 
Mickey X, Papernik, etc. Italian stories).

Derek Smith
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