Somewhere in Nowhere

John Lustig john at
Mon Nov 7 17:30:17 CET 2005

Hi. The Gemstone edition of ³Somewhere in Nowhere² was released in the U.S.
last Wednesday. Among other things, the issue contains a very
tongue-in-cheek interview with me about how I scripted the story. In the
interview I foolishly told everyone that they could learn more about
³Somewhere² by going to my website.

Why foolish? Because, in the intervening months since I did the interview, I
completely forgot about promising to post that background material. So...

About an hour ago, my webmaster and I finally got the info posted in the
Reading Room section of my website:

The info in the Reading Room basically has a bit about how the plot got
revised numerous times from Carl Barks¹ original synopsis. Also included is
the long, long version of the synopsis. Frankly, I prefer this version of
the story to the published version‹but it would¹ve required far too many
pages to tell in a conventional Disney comic.

Take a look if you¹re interested. I¹ll be curious to see what people think
of the published comic‹as well as the synopsis.

Best Wishes,
John Lustig
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