Dorellik and Paperinik

Luca Boschi totemboschi at
Sun Apr 9 18:00:13 CEST 2006

Hi, all!
Here I am after a long time...

Ole asks...

> Can anyone confirm that E. Penna was inspired by the Dorellik  
> character, as it says on the webpage? Maybe someone knows her, or  
> knows where I can find an interview/article where this is mentioned?

And Spea adds:

> Maybe Luca will be the one to enlighten us.

Well, Ole and Sprea (and Frank), it's a sure fact! Elisa Penna told  
me this fact personally in a conversation with her when she was still  
in charge at Disney, befere our writing of the "I Disney Italiani"  
book. I was surprised, too. I never suspected this *clear*  
relationship  between the two charachters even if I watched all the  
Dorellik comic sketches on TV, when I was a boy. And I was also a  
Johnny Dorelli big fan (as an entertainer, not as a crooner), because  
he was the showman presenting the marvelous radio weekly Sunday show  
"Gran Varietà" (in 1966, in 1968 and so on). In 1968 the brand new  
"Arriva Dorellik" movie (inspired by the TV show) was distributed  
through the theatres, with a soundrack still very popular in Italy :  
"Arriva la bomba" ("Here comes the bomb"). And the bomb is the same  
Dorellik, obviously. Elisa Penna told me also to the she suggested  
Guido Martina to take inspiration from the James Bond movies, too.  
But I think that this issue was *after* the first story of Paperinik,  
when they decide to revive the character.



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