New "Imperfect" story by Mau Heymans

D.M. van Eijmeren dve at
Sun Apr 9 18:42:40 CEST 2006

This week, a new Mau Heymans story, about Donald as violinplayer, has been 
published in Dutch weekly 'Donald Duck'15-2006. Written by him and Kirsten 
de Graaf.

During the making of the script, in 2004, Mau asked me to proofread and 
criticize rough versions of this story and a few others. First, there came 
faxes of a version where the symphony only was a little side-gag in the 
text: "De Onvolmaakte"  by composer "Schubner". (The title "De Onvolmaakte" 
means, more or less, "The Imperfect" or "The Unfullfilled".) I imagined it 
to be some unfinished famous composition, as left by a deceased classic 
composer, as the reference to (I guess) Schubert and Wagner seemed to 
suggest. In a following version Mau removed the title and Schubner from the 
text, and I suggested what I hoped he had in mind when referring to a 
composition with such a remarkable, funny title. Mau decided to work it out 
and made other changes in the ending, expanding the script from 6 pages to 8 
pages, like adding panel 7.3. My idea resulted in panels 8.3-8.6 (second and 
third tier). Difference is that I suggested a notable critic/expert to 
appear, instead of the composer himself. The composer now is named "Diederik 
van Swiete". (In the last version I saw of the script, the composer's name 
is "Ludwig van Zweethoven" and "Van Eendhoven".)

"Alle dissonanten!" 

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