DCML *and* web forum *and* newsgroup? [was: Re: DCML *and* web forum?]

Nuno J. Silva (aka NJSG) nunojsg at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 17:22:22 CEST 2006

A 13-04-2006 17:22, Thomas Pryds Lauritsen escreveu:
> I must say that if I were to choose, I'd keep the DCML a mailing list,
> for many of the same reasons that have already been given here. But
> mainly because, as much as I like various existing web forums, I also
> simply forget to visit many of them regularly, which means that unread
> messages pile up quickly. That's a main difference between the two
> concepts: With web forums, I have to actively go visit some web page
> again and again to keep up -- with a mailing list, the messages keep
> rolling into a seperate folder in my mailbox by themselves.

I've the same problem: as I'm not always online, I prefer to use 
e-mailing lists and newsgroups.

> But I was wondering: Wouldn't it be possible to add web forum features
> to the DCML? This way, for people who like mailing lists, it would be
> exactly the same mailing list as it has always been, and people who like
> web forums better would be able to read and send messages from/to the
> DCML via a web interface. I am afraid that if there are two main
> discussion forums about Disney comics (mailing list and web forum), both
> will suffer from it, and people will have to subscribe to both if they
> don't want to miss anything.
> I have done a quick Google search for web extensions to the "mailman"
> software which is used by the DCML, but without finding anything useful.
> However, if someone with the proper skills can offer some time, and
> Per/NAFS(k) allow it, perhaps such an extension can be written and
> implemented?
> Thomas

I do agree with you.

I don't know if there's any way to use mailman together with PhpBB and 
other web forum softwares. But I think it is possible to do what we want.

Mozilla Foundation (Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, etc.) maintains a 
bunch of newsgroups which are also available as mailing lists. These 
groups are mirrored by other newsgroups servers and by Google Groups. 
It's not possible to write to these groups via Google Groups only 
because they [people maintaining Mozilla newsgroups] choosed to not 
allow that.

Why don't we use a simmilar system, allowing DCML to be also available 
at USENET and allowing people to post to it via USENET and Google Groups?

This has not the problem you mention ("/people will have to subscribe to 
both if they don't want to miss anything/"), and gives us a mailing 
list, a newsgroup and a web-based forum (Google Groups).

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