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Thu Apr 20 07:41:56 CEST 2006

Martin S. Thoresen wrote:

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>> Maybe the best solution would be a kind of flexible combination 
>> between a list and a forum, which anyone > could use as he 
>> pleases, as I really do agree on both sides, but I have no idea 
>> if it's possible at all...
> Wouldn't the best solution simply be to start a umoderated 
> newsgroup ? [snip]

I don't see that much difference between a newsgroup and a mailing list
except for the presentation of messages. It is nothing like "real-time"
as Daniël was asking for.

Alternatively, why not use the already existing IRC facility provided by

It has existed for quite a few years now although not very populated at
the moment. Here you have privacy/publicy as you wish, you can come and
go, read logs, submit messages for later sending and suchlike. And most
important, if the person you are adressing is online while you are,
you'll get an immediate (less than a second) answer, depending on how
fast he or she can type on the keyboard (and under the assumption that
the other part isn't asleep behind the screen :-)

IRC is the original chat, introduced back in the 70s I think. Extremely
simple for the beginner and still provides advanced functionality for
the more experienced user. As Gilles mentioned, chatting is in general
for kids (especially Messenger), while I find IRC more "adult like". In
fact IRC is also technically very different from Messenger since by
default you write to a forum (the channel/chatroom). Also all kinds of
moderations are possible by the maintainers.

The IRC server is maintained by yours truly with help from Thomas (COA
co-administrator) on the server in Ballerup, DK and the
uptime is remarkably high.


for details.


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