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Søren Krarup Olesen sko at
Mon Apr 24 15:23:06 CEST 2006

Christina Hellström wrote:

>> IRC is the original chat, introduced back in the 70s I think. [snip]

> Just a slight correction. Not that it really matters, but since IRC is
> another great Finnish invention, I just had to... :)

I was aware that it was Finnish, but the dating was slightly wrong ;-)

> IRC was created in 1988 by Jarkko Oikarinen. There were several chat type
> programs before that, although mainly on BBS systems, and they were mainly
> local (had to connect to a certain BBS to be able to chat). For more
> information, see

Yes, but I never considered BBS as part of the Internet, more like part
of the telephone net :-) (wondering if there are any active BBS systems
left out there...) IRC was and is (to me at least) the original chat
thingy from which so many other chat systems have developed.

> I'm a Usenet & mailing list type of gal myself, IRC is for the new kids
> (well, I use it at work to chat with my co-workers).

(/me assuming you're not a "new kid" anymore)

Anyway, I did the same last year with my students. Since I am always
online with my PC (!= always behind the screen), it seems like the
optimal way of communicating with a group of people.

> [snip] real time chats is that you really need to be more or less in the same time
> zones as most of the chatters, or you are left out (nobody there when you
> wake up), or the discussions become more localized.

Correct, but in our case, we do have a nice log facility, so that
everything said can be accessed by a webpage.

Explanations and a bit of help at
For those who know what to do already, do try:

Port: 6667


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