Huey's prominence

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Tue Aug 1 04:37:57 CEST 2006


> I am not aware if there are distinct characteristics among the  
> nephews (if
> there exists any), so I wanted to make sure whether it was intended  
> by the
> colorist or purely coincidental that Huey steals most of the  
> spotlight.

The only distinct characteristics between the nephews, as a rule, is  
that they have different names and different hat colors. In U.S.  
comics this has generally settled into Huey-red, Dewey-blue, and  
Louie-green, in that visual order. This is more a rule of thumb than  
any hard-and-fast "policy" on anyone's part.

For colorist such as myself, Sue Daigle-Leach, and Scott Rockwell -  
just to name the ones that come immediately to mind - if there is  
just one nephew in panel, and there's no narrative reason he's any  
one particular nephew, then than nephew tends to be Huey, since he's  
the first nephew in visual order.


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