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Per Starback starback at ling.uu.se
Thu Aug 3 14:56:35 CEST 2006

Gary Leach wrote:

> DuckTales may have used this "codified" formula, but it didn't
> originate it. I first heard it - in very much this form - in
> mid-summer 1986, when I was first hired by Another Rainbow/Gemstone.
> That's not to say that Another Rainbow/ Gladstone originated it,
> either, because it seemed to be a well-established formula even
> then.

I think this is interesting, since I also thought that the HDL =
red/blue/green colouring originated in DuckTales. Where else would it
come from? Where would it have been well-established? Not in any
animation before DuckTales and not in any comics before Gladstone, as
far as I know, so where?

Maybe an idea thought up at Disney used for some merchandise?
Or maybe an idea originating from the work on DuckTales even though
you heard it before DT premiered? (September 11, 1987.)

Do other AR people remember where they heard about it?
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