April, May, and June as Chickadees

Robert Hutchings robertmhutchings at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 6 05:27:07 CEST 2006

Elain wrote:

<<<<<Has anyone ever made April, May & June 
members of
the Chickadees?>>>>>

I reply:

The answer is yes. Barks referred to the sisters as
Chickadees in his story "Whale of a Good Deed," in
which the Jr. Woodchucks rescue a whale from Uncle
Scrooge's clutches following a great flood (HD&L Jr.
Woodchucks #7). I don't know off hand if Barks made
any other such inclusions. I do know that a number of
non-Barks stories exist in which April, May, and June
play the role of "primary" Chickadees, just as Huey,
Dewey, and Louie are always the focus of Jr. Woodchuck
stories. If memory serves me right, these stories are
found almost entirely in the HDL Jr. Woodchucks
series. WDCS and others may have had a couple as well.
I don't know who the authors/artists are, and as I
don't have any issues on hand to check, I seem to
think they were often Vic Lockman and Tony Strobl, but
I might be completely off base here. I haven't figured
out a way yet to search INDUCKS for this information,
but perhaps there's a way.



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