A picture of Many Disney Triplets

Dan Shane danshane at bellsouth.net
Sun Aug 13 13:15:24 CEST 2006


> Here's a picture of the sets of Disney Triplets I'm familiar with:
> http://users.cwnet.com/xephyr/ART/DisneyTriplets.gif
> Included are:
> Donald's nephews
> Daisy's nieces
> Big Bad Wolf's "Three Little Wolves" (who appeared ALSO in 
> comics) Three Little Pigs (though some might not consider 
> them actually to be triples since they had different clothes 
> and personalities) Rockerduck's nephews Beagle Boys, Beagle 
> Babes and Beagle Brats Phantom Blot's nephews
> Not shown, but I've seen them, are
> Minnie's nieces: Molly, Polly & Dolly - I don't have the 
> source :-( Mickey's nephews which, in the 30s & 40s (and 
> maybe 50s) did depict him being accompanied by 3 nephews on 
> many occassions (when they frequently wore their nightshirts 
> and ribboned hats) and one of which was named "Monty" (of 
> course Mickey was often shown to have had many more than 3 at 
> times also, but three was a common depiction in the early 
> days until it was normalized to only two).
> I also believe either Br'er Rabbit or Molly Cottontail had 
> triplet relations.
> As for Twins:
> Mickey's Nephews: Morty & Ferdie
> Minnie's Nieces: Melody & Millie (Pammy/Tammy, Millie/Tillie) 
> Minnie's teenage Nieces: Lily & Tiny Jose Carioca's nephews: 
> Zico & Zeca Pete's Nephews: Pierino & Pieretto Bre'r Bear's 
> twin sons Chip'n Dale's nephews: Chit 'n Chat (Zip 'n Zap?) 
> Bucky Bug's nephews: Tic 'n Tac There may be more, but I 
> can't recall them at the moment


It's a wonder Frederick Wertham didn't jump all over the comics industry for
what he would have discerned to be the obvious use of fertility drugs by
"funny animals".  Oh wait, such drugs didn't appear until the late 1960s, so
that's one thing Wertham couldn't accuse the comic critters of.

So, what was in the water that comic characters drink that led to such an
astounding output?  Whatever it was, it must have had a terrible side
effect, causing the premature demise of so many parents and leaving the
rearing of all these kids to uncles and aunts.

Dan (who had only one set of twins; the rest came one at a time)

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