Thoughts on monthly offerings

Robert Hutchings robertmhutchings at
Mon Dec 4 13:43:48 CET 2006

I second Joe's and Dean's idea of a Mickey and Donald
prestige (I guess I'd be a third, actually). What a
good idea! In fact, the mere thought makes me giddy.
And when you consider that one prestige costs little
more than than the two "& Friends" titles, it sounds
even better! I suppose it’s too simple just to combine
and repackage the two titles, but boy, what potential
this has. 

Regarding the TPBs, monthly sounds great to me! If not
monthly, though, at least regularly. I must admit that
one of the things I liked best about the last one was
the editorial work from David Gerstein. That, to me,
is the biggest thing missing from the old Gladstone I
days in Gemstone’s current offerings. I don’t know how
many other people read those reviews and essays Geoff
Blum et al. wrote, and similarly, I don’t know how
much support there is to revive that idea, but I’m
certainly in favor of it. 

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