Geppi's Entertainment Museum visit

Bob Peterson dcml-bob at
Sun Dec 24 06:53:24 CET 2006

Their Web site is a bit shoddy, quality wise, but the museum is quite  
good.  I saw it today while in the area visiting family for Christmas.

It's tucked away above the Sports Museum, on the same property as the  
Baltimore sports area.  $10/adult seemed fair, given how packed the  
small museum is.  I'd expect anyone under 20 to be bored stiff,  
unless they were a particular fan of an artist, character or comic  
art.  It takes up one floor.  The walls are plastered floor to  
ceiling with original posters, art, vintage comics, and other  
memorabilia.  The latter pop memorabilia kind of give it the non- 
comic museum touch.

I noticed only one original Disney strip, by Mr. Gottfredson.  There  
was a computer display that allowed me to read a Donald Duck comic (a  
very nice simulation I thought, but could have used a Mac OS X touch  
with curling pages).  I assume this was a Barks comic, but there were  
no credits on the comic or on the display.

In the store, Gemstone was given a large endcap display of all their  
books and recent comics.  I didn't see any current Marvel or DC.

I wish they'd had an -index- of the museum!  The organization was  
basically by time periods.  Otherwise, finding something specific is  
hard.  Given the large assembly, and index would help fans and  
students find items.  For example, some Shirley Temple (pop  
memorabilia) was in the main hallway, almost lost in the virtual  
comic art wallpaper.  There could have been more original Duck art  
but I missed it.  (I am also a Pogo fan, so I enjoyed checking out  
the blue pencil work behind Mr. Kelly's ink.  Saw two such originals.)

Merry Christmas, Glad Jul, Feliz Navidad, and (insert Italian  
greeting here)!

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