February 2006 Disney comics Previews

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Hi all!

Here are the Disney comics being released in February 2006 from Previews 
Volume XV #12:

Donald Duck and Friends #337 --- Carl Barks' classic ten-pager this issue is 
"Duck Luck," in which Donald flies in the face of a poor fortune cookie 
prediction. Also featured is Mickey Mouse in "Leapin' Leprechauns," written by Sarah 
Kinney, and Donald also stars in "Brother Can You Spare a Pot of Gold," by 
Kari Korhonen and Daniel Branca. 7x10, 32 pages, FC $2.95

Mickey Mouse and Friends #286 --- This issue features a classic cover by Paul 
Murry, as well as his vintage Mouse story "Green Dogs and Jams." Also 
featured is a two-part Mickey adventure, "Coming Up Short," by Stefan Petrucha and 
Rodriques, and "The Robot War With Neighbor Jones," a Donald short by Frank 
Jonker and Mau Heymans. 7x10, 32 pages, FC $2.95

Mickey Mouse Adventures #8 --- Mickey Mouse takes on a world-shattering 
catastrophe in this issue's lead story, "Project Volcania," written and drawn by 
Guiseppe Zironi. Plus, Donald Duck stars in "The Crystal Ball," by Spectrum 
Associates, and Mickey Mouse pops up in "Colder Than Ice" by Michael T. Gilbert. 
SC, 6x9, 128 pages, $7.95

Uncle Scrooge #351 --- "Antidollarosis" is the epic Uncle Scrooge adventure 
by fan favorite Romano Scarpa that leads this issue. Also featured is "The Race 
of the Snails," with artwork by Ben Verhagen, "The Grouch Kings of Duckburg," 
by John Lustig and Daniel Branca, and "Pearls of Wisdom," written by Pat and 
Shelly Block. SC, 7x10, 64 pages, FC $6.95

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #666 --- Just in time for NASCAR season, 
this issue features "Wonder Down Under," dialogued by Pat McGreal with art by 
Flemming Andersen. This first installment of a multi-part series stars Donald as 
a Formula One racer! Also featured is "Donald's Lighthouse," by Daan Jippes, 
and "Mickey's Inferno," a renowned parody of Dante's 'The Divine Comedy.' SC, 
7x10, 64 pages, FC $6.95

The Romano Scarpa story seems like it might be the highlight of the month!

Derek Smith
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