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Actually, I have two slight corrections to make there:
• Mr. Geppi is co-owner of the Baltimore *Orioles* baseball team (the Angels
are in Anaheim, California), and
• he's the President/Publisher/CEO of *Gemstone* Publishing (which, I'll
admit, can be easily confused with Gladstone!).

I believe he owns most -- if not all -- of Barks' Duck oil paintings in real
life, which is the main thrust of Rosa's joke. Of course, watch *me* get
corrected now! ;)

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> >Question #2: Who is the  "collector in Baltimore"?
> Steve Geppi, co-owner of the Baltmore  Angels baseball team, ower
> of  Diamond
> comics distributors, and Gladstone  comics.
> STEVEN ROWE, owner of two many comics
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