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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

he be in the weekly. It's called Anders And & Co. - he's part of the
co. - Anders And Extra then, should be cleared of Mickey's. 

My idea for the publisher would be to make one of the two head-ships
(as I see them), the weekly or the monthly, or a new mag, into one like
the greak Komix or the italian ZP - it should have articles and such.
should carry Scarpa-stories and other good things. 
We have them already, but not as monthlies. Ole (issues-responsiple for
danish issues) calls them onehots which is what they are. They come out
whenever the occasion is right, every time 60-80 pages or such.
Occasions like Donald's birthday, Barks' 100 jubilee or such. These
issues have articles, good ones, like the good ones in the weekly. That
would be a monthly I would like. But would it sell? Would the buyers
buy it? I'm not the publisher, so I don't know. 

- It should be at least one Carl Barks-story in each weekly.
I think the average at the moment, is one per 4th issue. I agree in the
every 4th issue policie as new readers will be introduced to Barks that
way - I don't care that a Barsk-story comes out again in the weekly,
even though I've read it. I might have read it in my collection of
weeklies from '61, and not many has a such collection. Also a
Barks-story in the weekly could also be one we have never seen before. 

>- The silly articles should be removed - except from the ones
>things in the comics.
You mean the pages with Jokes and how to fool people? I remember how I
liked those when I was 11. I think all the young readers do too. Might
at times be more interesting than reading the comics. Don't take them
out, it'll take out (so to speak) the readers. 
I don't know if the articles/fact-pages by Erik Hoerthe are read, but
they're certainly what i like best about the comics, all though it
seems the danish editors have sometimes removed the references to what
comic to find this or that panel. They may have done that because they
haven't time to check the reference - which would have been
unneccessary as it's already checked.  

>- I like the contest, but I think it should be Duckburg-related.
The contest is one that is in the back of every issue. I partly agree. 
I just don't think it should be like a contest I saw some times, find
butterflies, gifts on the pages - that disturbs the reading a bit. And
tests are sometimes made by people from the company who aren't the
article-writer. FRom what one of those tests said, Minnie does not have
two nieces (And then, we discussed it here. she has many different
ones, 1 that looks so, 2 that looks so, 2 others who look so, and then
we see another one in italian stories and so on)

>I want your opinions.
You will get them. 

A. C. Sivebaek
acsive at

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