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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

would buy an illustrated postcard ("ansicht") of Duckburg, I wouldn't be
surprised to see at least one church, and a monumental ship.

So even when Barks used things in only 1 story, they could still be
landmarks to the Duckburgians. (And also to readers who didn't read that
single Barks story.)

> If a comics buff sees an entry illustrating 
> "Notre Duck" [], he's gonna say "aha!", but the other 
> 99.999999999% of the readership will just think "huh?".

IMO they will think "of course, Duckburg has a monumental church".

> Notre Duck is a landmark from a somewhat unmemorable Barks story that
> featured fabulous art!

To you the story probably is "somewhat unmemorable" because it was published
after your youth. To *me* the story is one of the best Scrooge stories that
Barks did.

> This margarine factory where Donald works (so I'm told) in many Euro
> stories... if people tell me this is true, I must admit that 
> it would be a
> possible choice, even though it's hardly a "landmark", just an average
> factory...

In Holland (Rotterdam), the Van Nelle factory is a monument (and a landmark)
because of its innovative architecture (from the 1930s).

> But... I *need* more landmarks!

What about a sign telling the distance to Timbuctoo? This must be in several
Barks stories, just outside the Duckburg city limit...


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