Translators: To Tweak or not to Tweak

Francesco Spreafico francesco.spreafico at
Mon Jun 18 23:44:30 CEST 2007

jerryblake2 at wrote:

> A translator should be seen and not heard.

I agree with what you said (of course), and that's what I try to do all 
the time!

But I'd also like to put a word in defence of Jonathan's translation in 
this particular case. Besides the (very few!) things I noticed and that 
got a little bit blown up beyond proportion here, this "Campionissimo"'s 
translation is a good one!

My remarks about censorship weren't headed to him (nor to anyone in 
particular), who, as a translator, has very little to do with it, they 
were in general against censorship. The Italian censorship of those two 
pages is a lot heavier... at least here Mickey *is* hunting, and not 
"trying to save the hare from the birds" (?!?).
And back to that MouseWork reference, as I already said, it turned out 
to good, an invisible reference that translates the original 
"word-by-word", even, and does the job right. So let me actually praise 
Jonathan's translation, it was not my intention to bash it.

Let's let the talk get back to translation in general, that's an 
interesting topic.


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