Gary Leach bangfish at cableone.net
Sun Jun 24 19:14:58 CEST 2007

> We're talking about a book featuring full frontal nudity (both male  
> and female) and explicit discussion of sexual acts being given to a  
> 9-year-old boy and/or his 6-year-old brother... personally, I look  
> forward to the CBLDF losing this one.

Actually, Travis, it won't be the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund that  
might lose, but the defendant, Georgia comic book retailer Gordon  
Lee. In that case he faces fines and possible imprisonment.

Perhaps Lee will be found guilty of the remaining charges against  
him, perhaps Lee will be acquitted. I'm just glad that the CBLDF  
exists to provide him with legal resources for his day(s) in court.


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