Floyd Gottfredson Student Film

fanni001 at bama.ua.edu fanni001 at bama.ua.edu
Wed Sep 5 17:51:31 CEST 2007

Hello All,

For you Floyd Gottfredson fans on the list, I recently uploaded a film I
made a few semesters ago about the mouse man to Google Video.  The film
is a narrative short (roughly 12:30 long) and is based on a portion of
Gottfredson's interview in "Mickey Mouse in Color", when still as an
inbetweener, Gotfredson almost left Disney to work for Ub Iwerks.  It
was an "end of the semester" project, so you'll have to forgive some of
the production values, but I ultimately thought it would be a good thing
to pass along here.  And I'd love some feedback!

Here's the link.  The film is called "Our Man, Floyd":   



- Lee Fanning

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