Nazi propaganda Short "Nimbus Libér?quot; (1943)

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Sat Sep 8 16:42:59 CEST 2007

I'd seen that before and showed it to some friends. I can imagine Disney's 
legal team and the higher ups in the company going apespit ballistic over 
that. I seem to remember reading many years ago about Donald Duck being 
misused for some kind of propaganda type thing in another country, but it 
was so many years ago when I'd read of it I can't really even be too sure 
that it was Donald or what country it was. I'm thinking one of the Latin 
American ones, but I'm drawing total blanks. =\

Jonathan H. Gray

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>Subject: Re: Nazi propaganda Short "Nimbus Libér?quot; (1943)
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>Dr Gilles R. Maurice wrote:
> > but I didn't know the Nazis actually used Disney characters in 
> > shorts as well
>It's become a time-(dis)honored tradition, apparently. Hamas has been using
>a Mickey look-alike, Farfur, for some time now to socialize pre-schoolers.
>In his final appearance, Farfur is beaten to death by a land-greedy Jew.

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