Nazi propaganda Short "Nimbus Libéré" (1943)

Fabio Blanco longtom at
Sat Sep 8 17:38:37 CEST 2007

Well, is not strange. Other opressed people used copyrighted material 
for propaganda. I understand that, and I think is not the same that nazi 
propaganda about jews "infecting" or "thieving" Germany. They are living 
in a war scenario, and Farfur would be killed and banned indeed after he 
win free elections.That's not too strange at all.

By the way... nice to see Nimbus animated. What beautiful character!


Dave Rawson escribió:
> It's become a time-(dis)honored tradition, apparently. Hamas has been using 
> a Mickey look-alike, Farfur, for some time now to socialize pre-schoolers. 
> In his final appearance, Farfur is beaten to death by a land-greedy Jew.


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