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For Americans, Barks' work represents pleasant memories, but in 1972, Chilean Marxist writers Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart denounced the Disney comics as propaganda designed to further the exploitation of Third World countries. Their vitriolic pamphlet "How to Read Donald Duck" ("Para Leer al Pato Donald") concluded, "As long as he (Donald Duck) strolls with his smiling countenance so innocently about the streets of our country, as long as Donald is power and our collective representative, the bourgeoisie and imperialism can sleep in peace." 

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> I'd seen that before and showed it to some friends. I can imagine Disney's 
> legal team and the higher ups in the company going apespit ballistic over 
> that. I seem to remember reading many years ago about Donald Duck being 
> misused for some kind of propaganda type thing in another country, but it 
> was so many years ago when I'd read of it I can't really even be too sure 
> that it was Donald or what country it was. I'm thinking one of the Latin 
> American ones, but I'm drawing total blanks. =\ 
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