Castles in Don Rosa poster

Ola Martinsson (AS/EAB) ola.martinsson at
Wed Sep 12 08:41:06 CEST 2007

Thanks Larry !

But I suppose that my description was unclear. The castle I'm referring
to is the one at the upper left of  Lah Dee Dah. The one in the middle
(center) of the upper (top) castles.

	Ola in still cloudy Stockholm +10

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>        In reply to Ola Martinsson's question, the castle in the upper 
> middle on the right side of the head of Lah Dee Dah is the primary 
> building of the city of Tangkor Wat, the "City of Golden Roofs".  From

> Barks' US #20, page 17.
>        Best wishes,   Larry Giver.

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