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> Hello.
> Can anyone help me here?
> I'm looking for all the disney comics where they
> have visited Scotland.

Plenty of them: Just to tell some:

Italian stories:
-I AT 259-A: A trasure called Penny.
-I TL 749-AP: Story and glory of the Ducks' dinasty,
part 5 (by the way, contains errors in the COA).
-I TL 1076-A: Uncle Scrooge and the mystery of the
-I TL 1238-B: The seven-leagues boots.
-I TL 1391-A: Uncle Scrooge and the celtic enigm.
-I TL 1326-A: The castle's ghost (not really in
Scotland, but almost).

American ones:
-W CP 4-04: Mickey Postman's Puzzle
-W DD 42-01: The Castle Heirs
-W MM 119-01: The Mysterious Knight Rider

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