Remaining Barks JW scripts / King Scrooge the First script

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Geoffrey Blum writes on first set of the Egmont's CBL that the pencil 
layouts for 'King Scrooge the first' has been found. Roughly a year ago 
Jippes told me that he had done all of the JW-stories, except for "CAPTAINS 
"KING SCROOGE the FIRST". I pressume that by now he have done all Barks 
scripted stories, and they will appear in the Library - Carl Barks Samlade 
verk -  Carl Barks' Samlede Værker - Carl Barksin kootut - books number  29 
or 30. Blum or Stefan Diös would more about details.

Best Wishes
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> Timo Ronkainen, September 17, 2007:
>> Jippes made his version of Perils of the Black Forest about a year ago.
>> It will be part of the Egmont's Carl Barks Library.
> Thanks!
> Below a list of remaining scripts of which I don't know if Jippes has
> redrawn them or not:
> - 'King Scrooge the First' (US 71, script: Barks, 21 blz.)  (script 
> found?)
> - 'Life Savers' (JW 6, script: Barks, 5 blz.)  (script lost?)
> - 'Looter of the Lake' (JW 9, script: Barks)
> - 'Teahouse of the Waggin' Dragon' (JW 19, script: Barks, 16 blz.)
> - 'Hark, Hark, the Ark' (JW 23, script: Barks)
> - 'Captains Outrageous' (JW 25, script: Barks, 15 blz.)
> Have any of these stories been redrawn by Jippes? Will all stories be 
> drawn
> by him?
> I've heard that material of the pencil script of 'King Scrooge the First' 
> is
> found and that Jippes inked it. On internet I've seen a scan of panel 
> 10.1,
> which shows versions of Strobl, Jippes and apparently Barks.
> Has the pencil script been found? And if so, is it completely or only
> partially discovered? And has it been published?
> Best wishes,
> Daniël

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