Junior Woodchucks Vs. Scouts

Ole Damgaard ole at disneycomics.dk
Fri Sep 21 21:44:20 CEST 2007

Michael Schartau wrote:

> In Sweden they are called "Gröngöling" which can
> be understood both as Green woodpecker and
> Greenhorn (young and unexperiensed person). As
> junior scout units often are named after animals
> this makes a connection to the scouts.

Hi there.

In Denmark they are called "grønspætter", which can be interpreted in a  
similar way to what Michael explained about the swedish name. But  
grønspætte is only the name of a bird, and not the name of an  
unexperienced person.. so maybe the name in danish "got lost in  
translation" from swedish..?


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