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> Subject: Russian forthe Junior Woodchuks
> Greetings from Australia.
> A translator friend passed this on:  The Russian translation for Junior
> Woodchucks was "Young Marmots' Society!"

That's a very apt and accurate translation.  Woodchucks are in the
marmot family (woodchucks are Marmota monax), but they only live in
North America so there probably isn't a specific Russian word for them
(well, biologists may have one, but it wouldn't be familiar to the
general public).  So going with 'marmot' is a great solution.

In English, there are several different words for Marmota monax,
including 'woodchuck', 'groundhog', 'land beaver' and 'whistlepig'.  I
wonder why Barks chose 'woodchuck'?

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