Wilfred Haughton's Goofy & Toby comics from MMW (1936-38)

Margi Duvenhage margid at saol.com
Wed Aug 13 17:02:58 CEST 2008

I would like to hear from you if possible.  My name is Margi and I live in
Cape Town South Africa.  My mum (stepmother) was the daughter of Wilfred
Haughton, the artist who worked for Walt Disney.


My parents have passed away and my mum left me all drawings and etchings
done by my granddad, as well as Mickey Mouse annuals etc that he drew.  They
are obviously very old and I have some amazing cards, sketches, and drawings
where he was putting ideas onto paper.


As kids, we used to watch him making his puppet movies in our garage - and
in fact, I still have his original movie camera (with a receipt of purchase
dated 1956), as well as his film reels. (Have not had a chance to view
them.)  My mum and I used to help him make clothes for his puppets.  He
designed the first puppets not requiring "strings", but foam moulded with
wires inserted in the foam bodies and limbs, to enable him to move the arms,
legs, head and torso, frame by frame giving the impression of flowing
movement.  He used to call them "bendy dolls".


My kids used to sit with him at his desk, which I now have, and he used to
show them how to draw Mickey mouse and goofy.  Kept them occupied for ages.


We are still busy going through all his stuff which was stored in my
parent's basement.  My mum only passed away a year ago so it has taken us a
while to go through everything, and needless to say there is plenty to go


Please feel free to contact me should have anything you would like to know.





Margi Duvenhage





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