Don Rosa's Answers

Søren Krarup Olesen sko at
Mon Sep 29 18:06:06 CEST 2008

GGK wrote:
> Olaf writes :
> And I'm for :
> Yeeeessss!!! Yes! Ow, yes! Si! Yeeeeeeeees!

Just look at the eager by which some fine people express their views on
Don Rosa.

Mine is more simple and in order to emphasize that, I've made seven

1) Don makes great stories in general.
2) Don's revelations in his longer stories about family relation ships
etc. are boring and only leads to pseudo-science about who did what and
who got married to whom.
3) Although humour of the best kind is present everywhere in Don's
stories, they work best in his (old) short stories.
4) Life of Scrooge is a boring book and I sold it. The place I sold it
no longer has the book on their shelves, so someone must have bought it.
5) Don makes funny stories in general.
6) Don is not the best. Don is Don and much finer and more brilliant
Disney comic stories were written and drawn by somebody else.
7) Don cannot compete with the best Disney comic stories written, due to
the fact that he never made any.


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