Huey, Louie, Dewey and their parents

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Nikos Panagiotopoulos wrote:

> In my opinion, there is something strange about 
> Hewey,Lewey,Dewey and their parents. Their mother is 
> Donald's sister. Her name is Dumbella.

So far so good. In the cartoon "Donald's Nephews" their 
mother sends Donald a note, signed "Sister Dumbella".

> but in the comics, her full name is Della Thelma Duck.

Not true.
- In HDnL's first comic strip appearance, Donald receives 
a note from "Cousin Della", who is supposed to be the 
nephews' mother.
- "Thelma" is the name that Carl Barks gave to Donald's 
sister in his unpublished Family Tree, but this name never 
made it into a comic and thus has no official status.
- Don Rosa decided that HDnL's mother was indeed Donald's 
sister, but chose to name her "Della" rather than 

> So, if their father is Daisy's brother

This suggestion is nowhere confirmed. It's simply a fancy 
of Don Rosa that never made it into a comic. It has no 
official status.

> then, how is possible for Donald to marry Daisy? His 
> sister is married with her brother.

a) As stated above, this has never been confirmed.
b) Who says it *is* possible for them to marry? As far as 
I know, they didn't even try to get married.

Stephen Rowe wrote:

> siblings of one family have often married siblings of 
> another. this was very common up to around 100 years ago.
> You don't hear a lot about it nowadays, but it still
> happens.
> are there laws against this in Europe??

Apparently, there *is* such a law in Greece. (This subject 
has turned up before on DCML.) But then again, the Ducks 
aren't Greek, they're American.

Don Rosa on HDnL and Daisy (August 2001):

Kriton Kyrimis on Greek marriage laws (August 2001):

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