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S?ren writes

> 6) Don is not the best. Don is Don and much finer and more brilliant
> Disney comic stories were written and drawn by somebody else.

I think even Don would say Carl Barks set a standard that nobody will 
 Certainly he was inspired by Carl Barks as well, But Don has done some 
brilliant stories.
I think his The Guardians  of the Lost Library is a brilliant story.

S?ren writes:
> 7) Don cannot compete with the best Disney comic stories written, due to
> the fact that he never made any.

Obviously this is just your opinion, but I think you are in the minority for 
Disney Comic Readers.
Every single comic story about Uncle Scrooge has to be partially credited to 
Carl Barks for creating the character. But I have seen many Scrooge stories 
where the  story is poor. Carl Barks and Don Rosa included. But both Carl and 
Don have far surpassed the bad with the good.
S?ren, Did you actually read the Life and Times Scrooge book?
It is great.
The art is Don's own style and while not as smooth as some artists, it is far 
better than many Disney Duck artists who followed Carl Barks.
Carl Barks set a standard too high for anyone. 
It was always disappointing as a kid to see Scrooge stories after Carl 
Not until Don Rosa did Son of the Sun did I really enjoy U. Scrooge stories 
S?ren, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, even in this case, when it 
is wrong.

Barry Branvold

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