Scrooge and his nephews in the orient.

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>>I could not find a comic  about Scrooge and his 
nephews in the orient. It was about Scrooge who  
bought a "knick-knack" from a thief (Yu Foo) who 
stole it from his  cousin (Hum Chum). The object 
turned out to be a key to a treasure,  
ultra-strong silk from a special species of 
silkworms. It was an  English comic, but I forgot 
which publisher published it. Can anyone help  me locate it?

Wong from Hong Kong>>
It sure sounds to me like UNCLE SCROOGE # 74 (1968) "The Dragon's Amulet"  
Published by Gold Key.  Written by Vic Lockman and Penciled by Tony  Strobl. 
Joe Torcivia.  

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