Fuchs vs. Barks and The Future

Leo Schulte schulte at teacher.com
Wed May 27 14:04:13 CEST 2009


A comment on the Wall Street Journal article, which I wrote about last
time: when I was teaching German, I had my students read "A Christmas for
Shacktown" in the German version, and then we compared it to the
original.  One could see that the Barks version was a little slangier,
the jokes (at times) "punchier," but that the German version by Prof.
Fuchs had its own merits.

It is sad that this tradition in America seems dead for the moment: maybe
someone will resurrect things here the way Gladstone did in the 1980's. 
Surely there is some budding artist who would like to continue the
Barks/Rosa Tradition: on-line publishing might be an alternative to the
usal investment and risk in printing a paper comic book.

We will see what happens!

Best Wishes!

Leo Schulte

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