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To Kriton

>>I'd especially like to share my fantasy of the ULTIMATE Wedding of Mickey &
>>Minnie Mouse.

>Who's the girl next to Pete? Shouldn't that be Trudy, instead? (And who's 
>the fat guy behind the red-haired girl behind Daisy? Another Pete?!?!?)

Thank you for asking

Well... In this image, I was drawing from the concepts laid out by the TV and
comics series called "Goof Troop" and the movie "A Goofy Movie" where we are
presented with Goofy as a single father to his son Max, and lives next door to
Pete.  Pete is married to Peg (whom both Goofy and Pete have known since High
School) and Pete & Peg have two children, P.J. (Pete Junior) and Pistol.  

So, the woman next to Pete is Peg, and the little fat guy behind the red-haired
girl is P.J.  The little red-haired girl, BTW, is Pistol.  So, in a way, yes, the
guy IS another Pete. :)

As part of the Wedding Party, Peg is the "Wedding Planner" and Pete is the
"Master of Ceremonies."  P.J. & Pistol, of course, are part of the band playing
for the wedding.  And that is Max on the keyboard.

All of the characters depicted are also named on this page (where you'll also
find Trudy as well):

I'm constantly updating this page to add more characters.


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