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but a reflection

The car of Grandma Duck has a radiator (?) but her car is electric (long 
before the trends of today)


Rich skrev 2010-12-08 20:43:
> iton.
> Thank you for asking
> Well... In this image, I was drawing from the concepts laid out by the TV and
> comics series called "Goof Troop" and the movie "A Goofy Movie" where we are
> presented with Goofy as a single father to his son Max, and lives next door to
> Pete.  Pete is married to Peg (whom both Goofy and Pete have known since High
> School) and Pete&  Peg have two children, P.J. (Pete Junior) and Pistol.
> So, the woman next to Pete is Peg, and the little fat guy behind the red-haired
> girl is P.J.  The little red-haired girl, BTW, is Pistol.  So, in a way, yes, the
> guy IS another Pete. :)
> As part of the Wedding Party, Peg is the "Wedding Planner" and Pete is the
> "Master of Ceremonies."  P.J.&  Pistol, of course, are part of the band playing
> for the wedding.  And that is Max on the keyboard.
> All of the characters depicted are also named on this page (where you'll also
> find Trudy as well):
> http://kat.of-the-night.com/Featured/disney-rich3.html
> I'm constantly updating this page to add more characters.
> Thanks,
> Rich
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