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Thu Dec 16 12:34:38 CET 2010

Dear all,

I have recently subscribed to this mailing list this year and I would
really appreciate some help from you all.
I am currently working on my doctoral thesis on Don Rosa's Donald Duck
comics and I'm having some trouble with my sources. So I need to find
Rosa's original comics (in English, naturally) in a hardcopy volume rather
than a webpage (as the source I used doesn't seem to be so legal).

I'm from Finland and we have a massive fan base of Rosa, so basically all
of his comics have been translated in Finnish and published in albums. At
the moment they're planning on publishing a whole new collection of his
works (for limited subscribers, I've heard), but I was wondering is it the
same case in the USA? Has his works been published in collected albums or
mostly in single Donald Duck / Uncle Scrooge magazines?

I have already The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck and I know the second
part is available, but what about the rest?
InDucks has provided me some help so far, but I bet there are a lot of
people with knowledge on this matter here in this mailing list.

Katja K.

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