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Dear Olivier, and all!

At first I'd like to thank Olivier for quick response and the links to
webpages for ordering comics. I have spent this morning in InDucks
searching for the comics and publications I need and there seems to be a
quite good deal of Rosa published in collections, though there are several
stories found only in single comic magazines.
I will definitely check out those online shops (along with Amazon), so
thank you very much.
I also have a few friends in the States, so I think they will be willing
to help me in my Duck Hunt. :)

As for my thesis, in case other people are interested too: My subject is
both fantasy and mimesis in Rosa's comics. So I'm dealing with all the
different fantasy worlds he uses (lost/hidden valleys, space, past,
mythical places, "dreams", etc.), the fantastic elements, and how Magica
DeSpell and Gyro Gearloose bring their own fantasy/sci-fi to the stories.
As for the mimesis, it includes all the references to real people, events
and places, like Theodore Roosevelt, Jesse James, the sinking of the
Titanic and so forth.

I have already done my Master's thesis solely on the fantasy side (only
using the Finnish translations), so I have a good background to start. The
doctoral thesis is only in its beginning, so it'll take a few years to be
finished. :)
So far I haven't heard of any doctoral level research being done on Rosa
(or any Donald Duck comics). Feel free to correct me, if I'm wrong. :)

Best wishes, Katja

> Hello everyone!
>>>>> I have recently subscribed to this mailing list this year and I would
> really appreciate some help from you all.
>>>>> I am currently working on my doctoral thesis on Don Rosa's Donald
>>>>> Duck
> comics
> This is very interesting; may I ask what the exact topic is, Katja?
>>>>> I'm having some trouble with my sources. So I need to find Rosa's
> original comics (in English, naturally)
>>>>> in a hardcopy volume rather than a webpage (as the source I used
> doesn't seem to be so legal).
>>>>> Has his works been published in collected albums or mostly in single
> Donald Duck / Uncle Scrooge magazines?
> Gladstone did publish some Rosa stories in softcover albums, either among
> stories by various authors, or in Rosa-only collections, such as:
> -  The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (4 volumes) (then as a
> single-volume
> hardcover)
> - The First Two Years of McDuck Adventures by Keno Don Rosa
> ( )
> - Gladstone Giant Album # 4
> ( )
> - Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck in Color # 2
> ( )
> - Gladstone "Leather" Bound Hardcover Comic Albums 7
> ( )
> (a hardbound collection of softcover Giant Albums; I have # 6)
> - Walt Disney's Comics in Color
> ( )
> To buy back issues, I would suggest:
>   (Steve Calrow is in charge)
>   (subscribe to their free newsletter; they
> very often have special discounts on comics in general;
> I have ordered many Disney & non-Disney comics from them; even with FedEx
> or
> UPS shipping and the inescapable taxes, I got many
> very good deals-- provided I ordered a certain number of  comics, of
> course, but that's pretty easy)
>>>>>> I have already The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck and I know the
> second part
>>>>>> is available, but what about the rest?
> I, too,  have been wondering about a hardcover edition by Boom! Comics of
> the "Companion" stories.
> Best wishes for your Thesis, Katja!
> Happy holidays to you all !
> Olivier

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