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Actually, I was going to ask about this.  I have a little girl, and I'd like to introduce her to comics. The new Disney stuff has a great LOOK to it, but I wondered what the actual stories are like. I, too, used to buy for Barks and Rosa--everything else left me a bit cold. Now, maybe that was just in COMPARISON to my favorites--I don't know.
Can these stories stand on their own--are they worth the time and money? A lot of the art looks Italian, and I always enjoy the Italian drawings, but unless I stand there and read the whole magazine, I'm not sure what I'll be getting, as far as story. I'd like to support Disney comics in the U.S., but I haven't bought anything in a while....
Any comments, pro and con? Names/artists/titles I should look for?
 And let's be fair--I know I am not the main market for these new works!

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> The current state of Disney comics is such a sad affair since 
> the demise 
> of Gladstone and then Gemstone.
> But the even bigger and sadder event is the retirement of Don Rosa.
> I have a confession of sorts.  I purchased Disney comics a 
> lot in the 
> Disney/Gladstone/Gemstone years, but usually what
> I was looking for were Carl Barks I didn't have, and anything by 
> Don 
> Rosa.  I enjoyed many of William Van Horn's stories,
> but they were on their own not often enough to get me to buy.
> So now, they're not reprinting Barks, and there is no new 
> Rosa.Aside 
> from some classic Gottfredson, there's not much else
> in the entire Disney comic world that is actually worth reading.
> Most Duck stories by other artists are really pretty lame, when 
> you get 
> down to it, and all the other stuff that used to fill out
> Comics and Stories was silly stuff for little kids.   
> Obviously many 
> will disagree with that, but for me the whole point was
> Rosa followed by Barks, and the rest was filler  (although 
> I have a soft 
> spot for some of the old Paul Murray Mickey stories,
> which I enjoyed as a kid.  Not sure I'd repurchase them, 
> however.  
> Maybe....).
> So I doubt I'll ever buy a Disney comic again.  I have been 
> purchasing 
> the Rosa Life of Scrooge reprints, and I hope there'll
> be more of his work collected into hardcover editions.
> Dave
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