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Dear all,

it's been a while since I last emailed to this list about my research on
Don Rosa. I thought I'd inform you all that so far I've had two articles
published on Don Rosa and his comics - they're both in English and can be
accessed via Internet as they are in ebook form.

The first one is about the Triumvirate of evil and you may find it in here:
It's easily accessed and read though as you all are very familiar of
Disney's villains, you may find it kind of obvious. But the people in
conference in Oxford in 2010 where I held the presentation the article is
based on loved it so much they voted it to be published also in a hardcopy
volume as a more developed paper. Still waiting to here when that copy is

The second article is more recent and it's about the haunting ancestors of
Scrooge. You may read it from here:
It's a bit harder to access as you have to sign in and "order" the book
for yourself - even though it is free. But then you can download the whole
book to your computer.
This article is way too short for my taste as there was so much more to
write about, but perhaps in the future I can develop it further.

After this information sharing, I was wondering if you could offer me some
assistance. In case any of you have the email addresses of the two Finnish
people who have done their Master's thesis on Don Rosa as well, I'd be
really appreciated. These people are Marika Rantala and Marja Ritola
(she's the most famous of us, I think).
I'm trying to get in touch with all the five people who have done research
on Rosa in Finland as I have this wild dream of publishing an anthology of
Rosa. It would include articles from different perspectives on his Disney
comics and also about his persona (I heard Kai Saarto did some research on
him, and in case you have his contact information too, I'd love to have
I have two people already interested in it and I'm waiting to hear from
the others as well.

Best wishes from rather chilly Finland,
Katja K.

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