Don Rosa Duck Story From 40 Years Ago?

Cato Elder cato at
Thu Sep 1 00:25:05 CEST 2011

Greetings to Everyone!

I was pleased to read about a Don Rosa Duck story from "40 years ago" (I
love the Biblical number!   [IMAGE] ) even if it is being published in
Norway, and not in America!

Perhaps someone will offer the English original on the Internet?!

I was speaking with a young teacher in my school, who said she grew up
with Uncle Scrooge via the Duck Tales television show in the 1980's.  She
would love to introduce her 4th Graders to the comic books...if they were
being published!  Again, here is a nostalgia market waiting to be tapped:
I have met a good number of people under 35 - now with children - who
would love to continue the Duck tradition.

Best Wishes to all!

L. Schulte

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