Help; need 4 Uncle Scrooge's: 309-311, 314

Ken McDaniel decliningreturns at
Mon Sep 5 00:01:42 CEST 2011

Hi: I am a retired USA collector who is in need of 4 issues of Uncle
Scrooge.  I will pay reasonable prices or trade favorably for Uncle Scrooge,
309, 310, 311, and 314. I will even trade for reading loan with full deposit
forfeitable if comics not returned to you at my expense in same condition as
received.  I will insure both ways.  These issues came out I believe when I
was overseas and have been hard to come by.  I am a Carl Barks and Don Rosa
collector, not to mention scores of other top artists.

Please see my post this forum less than 15 minutes ago for my website for a
massive listing of what I have that might be made available for trade.  I
have close to 700 W Disney comics and thousands of other "special artist"
comics/magazines for sale.  If you collect other items there is a great and
wide variety of different genre fiction books and magazines available also.


Ken McDaniel    Alabama   USA
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