DCML Digest, Vol 100, Issue 5

Jano Rohleder jano.rohleder at gmx.de
Thu Sep 15 11:11:06 CEST 2011

> *+ + UPDATE 13th July 2011 + + Dear Don Rosa fans, unfortunately we are
> forced, in some promotional material announcing the premium offer in order
> to withdraw the entire Don Rosa collection for legal reasons. We regret 
> this
> very much and hope you will understand this decision.Your Disney comic
> editor
> *
> I wonder if that has anything to do with the the box set in Norway?  They
> were offering a special Junior Woodchuck memorabilia of some sort.

Seems to be a problem caused by Google Translations. The note actually says 
that they had to withdraw a preorder special they were offering at their 
Ehapa online store. Originally, you would get an iTunes gift card as well as 
a gift card for their own store if you ordered until July or so. However, 
this was withdrawn for whatever reasons (might have been due to the Fixed 
Book Price Law and some retailers complaining that you'd get free extras 
when ordering from the publisher's store and not from them... I dunno).

The Norwegian set, on the other hand, will still come with the announced 
Woodchuck medal. The distribution channels in the coproducing countries are 
not affiliated with each other. 

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