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Fellow Quackeroos:

Your Greek e-kiosk is once again with you:

1) MIKY MAOUS #1839, October 12, 2001
a) Gyro Gearloose in "L' imprevista elettromusicale", from "Topolino" #2274,
1999 (28 pages). Script & Art: Enrico Faccini
b) Goofy in "The Fast Gun", S-77169 (26 pages). Script & Art: the Disney
c) Donald Duck in "The Hotel Manager", S-76117 (14 pages). Script: Carl
Fallberg; Art: the Disney Studio
d) Black Pete in "Occhio alle telecamere", from "Topolino" #2275, 1999 (6
pages). Script: Tito Faraci; Art: Ottavio Panaro

2) DONALD # 47, October 2001
a) Uncle Scrooge in "Il campanaccio di re Mida", from "Paperino Mese" #155,
1993 (53 pages in 2 parts). Script: Rodolfo Cimino; Art: Giorgio Bordini
b) Uncle Scrooge in "Il deposito 'benvenuti'", from "Paperino Mese" #166,
1994 (38 pages). Script: Sergio Tulipano; Art: Sandro Dossi

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