Dinosaurs and drugs

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Torsten wrote about stories in Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Junior
Woodchucks.  The stories you mentioned are

 * "Bottled Battlers" and "Maple Sugar Time (How Sweet It Is!)" from
HDLJW #10, both written by Barks and with art by Tony Strobl.  Those
are reprinted in Gladstone's digests.

 * "Let Sleeping Bones Lie" and "Bad Day For Troop A" (with the circus
airplane) from HDLJW #8.


> ["Let Sleeping Bones Lie"], which is much more interesting, involves
> the JWs discovering an intact dinosaur skeleton. (...)
> Pluto (Yes! PLUTO.) grabs a nearby plant and adds it to US' tea.  US
> drinks the tea and has HALLUCINATIONS (...)

In Barks's script it was the official hound of the Junior Woodchucks,
seen in several of Barks's stories, but it was changed into Pluto
before publication.

> does anyone out there wonder if this story, because of the drug element, 
> will ever be reprinted in comic book form?

Dunno.  There are a couple of other stories that have been reprinted
though.  WDC 112 (the Rip van Winkle story) and DDOS 328 (Old
California) are listed as "drug issues" in Overstreet, but that hasn't
stopped them from being reprinted...

> Is it in the Barks' collection?

In Carl Barks Library (that is the 30 volume hardcover collection; not
the current albums) Barks's pencil scripts for that and other HDLJW
stories by Barks are published, but not the published art by Tony
Strobl and Kay Wright.  There you can see the editor's note to the
artist: "make this PLUTO" with an arrow pointing to the bloodhound.

> Was it approved by the Comics Code Authority?

No Disney comics have *ever* been approved by the Comics Code Authority!
Really!  When the moral panic around comics floundered in the fifties
Dell chose not to join it, and instead put "Dell's Pledge To Parents"
on their comics.  It said:

	The Dell Trademark is, and always has been, a positive
	guarantee that the comic magazine bearing it contains only
	clean and wholesome entertainment.  The Dell code eliminates
	entirely, rather than regulates, objectionable material.
	That's why when your child buys a Dell Comic you can be sure
	it contains only good fun.  "DELL COMICS ARE GOOD COMICS" is
	our credo and constant goal.
--       "
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