Disney-comics digest #303.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Apr 19 05:23:28 CEST 1994

	Your comments on Lo$ #2:
	Correct -- the Beagle Boys on the cover should NOT have their
prison numbers. But I thought readers would find them more
recognizeable, especially at that distance, if they looked completely
like the modern BB's, particularly since they would not yet have read
the interior tale to know the BB's aren't supposed to have numbers at
that point. Artistic license.
	All your other comments involved coloring and lettering/map
labels, something that I have no control over. The reason there was no
border between Indiana and Ohio on that map is that the caption box has
been redrawn as have been ALL my balloons; I make them larger than all
those you see in the American editions to fit in all that outlandish
Scandanavian gibberish! I would definitely have labeled Oklahoma as
"Indian Territory" if it had been in my script that that area was to be
labelled. I left out all but the pertinent labels just to make it easier
on the Egmont publishers who really DISLIKE all the extra work I put on
them in labelling background details already! They don't have staff
letterrers over there, and such extra work is a real pain.
	Ratchet Gearloose, if I didn't explain it in my text page, came
from that Barks story in UNCLE $CROOGE GOES TO DISNEYLAND.

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